Facing Space

Wow wow wow!

Such a long time since I last posted, my apologies!

Life has been extremely busy the last few weeks with photography shoots, german exams and my classes’ first exhibition!

We curated our very own exhibition called ‘Facing Space’, focussing on portraiture in colour analogue photography.

Here are a few highlights from the swell night…

Luke, 2011

My piece of work done of my fiance, Luke. The image was taken in the ‘Skyspace’ installation at the National Gallery of Australia.

I wanted to create a setting which reflected the subject, Luke. In this case the environment is indicative to the way that I percieve Luke’s mind to work; logical, mathematical yet surreal. This was taken on an extreme wide-angle lens (thankyou Luis!)


We had an amazing turnout, thankyou to everyone who came along to support us!

Matt 'Troubled artist' Roll

Photomedia Exhibition group!

and now for the after party…

I am a person who loves books.

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