7 thoughts on “Test Ditties.

  1. Love the shots in your room. The natural lighting and contrast are great, the clutter also really works.

    Something about the nerf gun shot just isn’t right. I think you look good with the gun, and the setting is good, but the two don’t mesh. A beauty such as your self amongst someone else’s clutter seems a little two artificial (dirty jocks and cartoon sheets just don’t suit you).

    The last photo is good and you seem to have captured the subject well. To dog is a little distracting, and I think it all seems a little too centered (if you cut off a little of the left of the photo I think it wouldn’t seem so structured). I love the lighting of the room and the colours (the green, brown and the blue all blend so well). I feel as if there is a little something missing. When I see the picture I feel like it’s trying to convey a longing in the subject, a soulfulness that’s hard to capture, but I think there is something holding that from coming across properly in the photo; maybe it’s the brightness of the colours around, the stare directly into the camera (almost challenging) or the brightness on the left.

    Hopefully you can take all this with a grain of salt and as constructive feedback 🙂

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see more!


  2. Thanks craig! yeah, the nerf gun shot was just a test to check lighting really, but i liked how disjointed it was, I’m glad it doesn’t feel completely resolved. The shoot with Tobias was hard, the light in the room wasn’t the best, that was the best digital shot that I got with it. I’m still not sure if I want the subjects to look into the camera or not. Its a case of whether or not I want them to do directly presenting themselves to the viewer or if I want them to be merely looked at and unaware of the viewer. Personally I like the photographic series where they look straight on, i think I like the ones that are more awkward. I wasn’t happy with the compositon either. still working on the where to stage the crop of the legs etc.


  3. I think to help get the awkward look you could have them either not looking directly at the camera, or trying to face away with their eyes at the camera.

    Think about if it was a 14 year old boy trying to talk to a girl. Just stalk talking about boobies while you are talking the shot and it will be perfect! LOL.


  4. Love the colours in the nerf gun one. The clutter is great too. I love it! You’re off to a fantastic start! 🙂
    Not sure about the dog jumping up in the last image though. Seems a little distracting. Other people may love that though. Who knows?


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