Keine grauen Tage für mich

Apologies my dear friends for the lack of joy and happiness in the previous post.

I have however quite recovered from the blues..or as my german teacher would say..

“Meiner Grauer Tage”

and am ready to relate the recent joys that have accompanied my return to pleasent humour.

My new books

One of my favourite authors Kelly Doust just released a new book – ‘Minxy Vintage’

A fabulous book on revamping vintage fashion – absolutely excited to start the projects !

The second book is called ‘Where Children Sleep’, its  photoseries by a guy called James Mollison

and is possibly my favourite series of photographs that I’ve seen this year.

He documented children and their bedrooms from all around the world as a project inspired by thoughts

about his own childhood. He thinks about how important his own space was as a child, how it changed with him – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Ernesto, Italy
Ahkohxet, Amazon basin, Brazil
Dong, Yunnan, China

I love that he documents children from a world of plenty (sometimes a world of ostentatiousness) and those who don’t even have a bedroom to call their own.

The way that he places the children in neutral portrait positioning and then photographs the room allows you to view them as different, but also as equals.

They are equals, without equal circumstances.

Hand made goodies

These beautiful little bowls are just a few of the wonderful little treats that I picked up at the ‘Hand Made Market’ the other weekend. I had a lovely chat to the lady that made them and she only convinced me more that I should buy them.

New teas

I purchased some new teas this week, I require a daily dose of Cherry Ripe tea (delish!) and the occasional treat of Apple and Cinnamon 🙂

Highlight of the week!

I recieved a beautifully wrapped gift from my dearest C. Obscura this week!! (yay!)

And by golly, was it amazing! I recieved a whopping 12 page zine, all lovingly typed on a Cormac Mccarthy style typewriter, with pouches enclosed, modesty flaps, beautiful polaroids,

and of course only the most swell one sided monologue ever to have been written!

Also accompanying it, a copy of the first edition of The Smith journal, Frankie Mags magazine for men and all things manly. Luke loves it! So thanks be to Miss C. Obscura for those wonderful gifts! I absolutely cannot wait to begin on my reply.

I am a person who loves books.

One thought on “Keine grauen Tage für mich

  1. 0.0 Can i borrow the photography book from you?! I’ll lend you my Alphonse Mucha book in return … or would you prefer George Lambert? Or my J.C Leyendecker book, as soon as I get it out of storage …


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