Hello Scanner!

There is a scanner in my house which I feel has been sorely neglected.

So yesterday I set about making amends, I’ve started scanning some old work,

Image #7, from series 'Observe me'

(A lovely out of focus print on fibre.)

some exciting new stuff..

david, 2011

Some unfinished stuff..


A lovely handmade note book from my dearest Miss Obscura

Some photos of friends

Interview with dan.

Some off the cuff portraits.

Thinking Space, 2011

and now for the amazing things that I found out about this week.

1) Messages inside dove chocolate wrappers.

2) I got engaged!

Engagement Hedgehog

I am a person who loves books.

One thought on “Hello Scanner!

  1. Hoorah for scanners! I use mine aaaall the time. Need to start scanning in old work though. I get so worried about putting my lovely prints under the lid. My scanner is dirty and needs a serious clean.
    You have some fantastic photos here. The one of your brother is pure gold! And I love those last ones of Luke.
    Speaking of Luke… CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for you! When’s the wedding? Tee hee. 😉


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