Be still.

As of late, life has been anything but idyllic and peaceful. Disasters have run my stress levels skyward and it is fair to say that I have been anything but calm these last two weeks. Somewhere from within my Zen monk has finally calmed my nerves and I found myself slowly easing into sanity and composure once more.

This morning I took a little time out to photograph little things that made my morning swell.

Shadows and time

soft colours

Vivid colours

Life is a multitude of simultaneous juggling acts. The biggest illusion we succumb to is that we are in control.

We are not.

We aren’t helpless either, but our flaws are in our ego driven ideas about power and control.

Perhaps it would be easier to let go.

To step out of that illusion.

To stop pretending we could possibly control things.

My advice?


Close your eyes

Take a deep breath


be still.


I am a person who loves books.

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