Light experiments

Each week in art class, we tackle different topics and techniques used in various art forms. One week we created optical illusions out of styrofoam sculptures, I attempted a mobius strip…AND WON! But that’s another matter.

Last week, we explored long exposure and drawing with light. Finally, something that I was proficient with! And so here are the results of our combined ideas and efforts.

Maddy's negative space exploration

Maddy was actually drawing the negative space around a figure, taking liberties with a classic painting, and ended up with a heart shaped light drawing. This was done in a darkened classroom.

Tamsin's Tree of Life

Luckily, thanks to Tiffany’s initiative, we gained access to the lighting studio in Photomedia.(ahhh my home!)

This meant pitch blackness and consequently better photos. Tamsin’s tree was the first that we shot in the studio.

My Sphere of Light

I have been fascinated with how light performance artists are able to create such perfect spheres and shapes in their artwork, I attempted to create some sort of spherical light path. Even though it didn’t work as expected, I think the reflections of light on the floor and backdrop are what make it a more effective image.

Collaborative Work

This is our attempt to create not just movement but progress in an collaborative artwork.

Collaborative work: Silhoette of Dan

 We were making silhoettes and our teacher, Dan, wanted to be our muse.

Year 12 work

 There was also a tour of the photography department on the same day that we were shooting these, and so we hijacked the tour and got the group to do long exposures with us.

Hope you dig it!

I am a person who loves books.

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