The Unforseeable Future

Undoubtedly people do as I do when confronted with large amounts of work to do, they look across the mounds of paperwork, slowly taking it all in, then slowly look up toward the window above the desk. Gazing intently beyond the glass at nothing in particular, they begin to survey their future life, slowly animating within their mind. I imagine the possibilities of my future.

Today my vision involved..

A quirky attic house.

With fun wallpaper.

And a cosy nook in which to read.

Lots and lots of coloured bottles and flowers

to catch the sun.

A preloved armchair with that old door from ainslie.

Funky plates that don’t match!

Pillow fights!

And we’d solve our problems with scrabble.

And use it to..

The old tree outside will be covered in lanterns..

With the swing hanging from the strong branch.

Camping in teepees under the aurora borealis

And we’d amaze the kids inside ourselves with our glow in the dark jars.

And answering this question with a grin and a resounding yes.


Yes I am lost,

In my unforseeable future.

Happy in the knowledge

of nothing in particular.

Just happy

to be.

I am a person who loves books.

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