There are so many keys in life. to happiness. to love. key concepts. keyboards. key ingredients. piano keys. key words. key topics. keytones. florida keys. key lighting.

Whether they are imaginary concepts, or real keys, they are very intriguing.

key n. pl. keys


a. A notched and grooved, usually metal implement that is turned to open or close a lock.
b. A similar device used for opening or winding: the key of a clock; a can that has a key attached.
2. A means of access, control, or possession.

a. A vital, crucial element.
b. A set of answers to a test.
c. A table, gloss, or cipher for decoding or interpreting.

I guess we use the phrase “the key to….is” a lot. In some ways we presume that we know that vital piece of infomation that unlocks some mysterious and elusive knowledge that will mean that everything makes sense to us. When it comes to love, or happiness, I don’t think there are any definitive keys. No one is so similar that the ‘key’ to happiness will be the same, so when someone claims that they have the ‘keys’ to the happiness, just remember that just because they have a key, doesn’t mean that it’ll open the door. You’re door is different because you are different, and therefore your ‘key’ is unique.

For me, I dig typewriters.

I can’t express how much joy is given when I recieve a letter,

lovingly written on a typewriter.

Tibetan tea houses

…or any other tea house,

what a thrill!

And inspirational Dr Seuss references with a polaroid camera to taste.

I am a person who loves books.

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