Semester 2 commences. Paper flies from copier storage tray to the printing bay to the collecting tray. Stapled, warm and printed on it, the words that will dictate our lives for the rest of the year.

Our first photomedia assignment this semester is a portrait. simple yes? NO. Portraits are hard.

Something I’ve been struggling with is the idea that a portrait is not simply a picture of a person. It conveys an idea, a feeling, a sentiment. Thinking about a portrait as a moment in time is really helpful, what makes this moment that you’re trying to capture, different from the brown haired girl from the stockphoto files. The photograph can be technically unmatched, but not a portrait. I want my photos to convey something more than the image itself, something more than just being technically competent (though i’m thrilled with being competent). I want to convey ideas and feelings, generate interest in my work, in the subject. But how to do it…

I’ll continue to mull this over with my delish cup of gun powder green tea.


Awkward Self 2007 - Jessica Herrington

~A new way in old ways~

Shot from the weekend shoot.

 A few things that took my fancy this week….

The smell of old books is the promise of an original adventure.

The ability to see.

The comfort of a home

I am a person who loves books.

4 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. I like the photos that you post 😀 Try not to think too hard about the pictures you take. Sometimes the best photos are the ones you take on a whim just because the light looks okay and you have your camera on you.
    On that note, what model camera do you use?


    • I have a nikon d60 – a lovely little digital and a Canon EOS1000F for my trendy little film camera and a few russian and japanese cameras. I love taking pictures, I like to experiment and as much as I love those moments when things are just right, they come around seldom often for photography kids on a deadline. It is a wonderful thought though, it inspires me to take my camera everywhere!


  2. Great post as always Bec! It’s always good to come here to get some inspiration.

    Love the Luke photo, he’s quite photogenic.

    The tricky part is often trying to work out what exactly you want the photo to say. I generally try not to direct things too much and just let it all happen, let the subject tell it’s own story and just try to be there to catch it on camera.


    • thanks craig! I agree, it is hard to convey a message exactly as you want it to, in fact i’d go so far as to say that its impossible. No one will react the same as you do to a photograph. when it comes to portraits, i think that there are photos that people enjoy looking at and photos what you pass by. I don’t want my work to be boring. Part of that is generating interest in the person I’m photographing and the finished product wholly reliant upon the dialogue between the subject and the photographer. in a way the portrait becomes a reflective work between the artist and the subject.


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