Saturday the 16th of July, what a perfect day for a Winterfair!

38 Durack St
My Red Teabox
Blue Scarf

After dreaming for months about creating an event where people could see artworks, show and sell their crafts to friends, family and complete strangers, the day finally came to fruitation. Aptly entitled, ‘Winterfair’ for its placement deadset in the middle of a chilly Canberra winter, it was finally a dream realized by my friend Hayley and I. To be honest there wasn’t much of a plan. Just a combined love for tea, craft and people. We set a date just three weeks ago, invited as many people as we could and set about making things. Pretty soon we had a great number responses and people wanting to bring things along to sell as well!


the fruit of our creativity

 We had a scarf tree and baskets of overflowing clothes, a bedpost lined with shoes and a book nook in the corner of the garden.

Thankyou to all the swell folkies that came!

And be still thy beating hearts, another fair is coming!

Arty photos for the week:

Square Format love
Josh and His aviators
Wallpaper and selfportraits

I am a person who loves books.

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