The Patisserie

Canberra is a small city, some claim that it doesn’t even qualify as one let alone the Nations capital. Stigmas associated with Canberra generally follow the trend that canberra is boring, bereft of culture,clothed in concrete suits and utterly heartless. The Canberra that I know (and love) isn’t like this at all. I love how in this crazy little hybrid of a city-town can be constant sources of fascination from oddball festivals to world class events and shows. One thing that I find absolutely fascinating though, is the local shops. Weird, I know. But lately I have been totally keen on visiting different local shops around the city, sampling some of the best cafes’ and bars in the capital. This is an odd phenomenon, however one that is taking off.

So far my favorites are:

  • Sati’s – Watson
  • Wilbur’s – Hackett
  • Knead Patisserie – Belconnen markets
  • Ricardo’s- Jamison
  • A bite to eat – Chifley
  • The front – Lyneham

Of course my experiences are limited and I’m sure I’ll find even more delightful places in the future.

My newest discovery was the Knead Patisserie at the belconnen markets (yum!), a tiny little french style patisserie with delish chai!

Beautiful chair
Chai Delish!

 And of course you should always take along someone to enjoy all the delights of the unknown with you…

My dearest friend and fellow cafe enthusiast.

And now for the token random picture of the post, da-da-da-daaa!

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