जीवन सुंदर है!

La vita è bella!  जीवन सुंदर है! Das Leben ist schön! La vie est belle! Elämä on kaunista!

Life. Is. Beautiful.

Beautiful Graffiti Art

I have come to this conclusion, not through any major life changes, but by choosing to appreciate what I have this week. I have worked hard, toiled away for hours on projects and been able to completely relax. Life is beautiful if you choose to appreciate it and look for the amazing blessings we have.

My boyfriend bought me blue orchids last night – and they have helped to inspire me.

Another wonderful thing that happened last weekend.

I was shelving books at work last sunday morning, I looked up and saw a girl from the art store across the way standing there smiling. I remembered her from a month ago, I remembered writing her a booklist of all the books I had loved read from cover to cover multiple times. She stood there holding out her hand, in which she held a small red envelope. I smiled and took it saying thanks and she scampered off to work. Inside was a little thankyou note, she noted her progress through the list and told me her name. This was amazing. This is why I sell books. For the moments like these, when people love the stories and through them a friendship can form. To some, I’m just a book dispenser, but to Art store girl, it seems I am a person.

Faith in customers- restored.

Have also decided to display my recent attempts at polaroid photography to the world.

Double Exposure Polaroid
The Bike and the Camera
Riya and Luke

I am a person who loves books.

2 thoughts on “जीवन सुंदर है!

  1. Lovely photos as always Bec. Love the orchids too! (Luke is such a sweetheart).

    I don’t think my opinion/outlook on life is a positive as yours, but you should keep it up, don’t lose that sense of innocence and wonder that you have of the world.


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