Peterpan collars.

Life has been extremely wonderful as of late. I have been working hard and working to deadlines. And now to relax and be inspired.

First order of business: Peter-pan collars.

As a child, I used to run wild, climbing trees in the golden afternoon sun, half eating apples and dropping them in a fit of delight as I spotted an indian hiding in the grass. I was Peter pan, forever young and most definitely a boy. Sadly the rude awakening came in the form of puberty and my mothers loving but firm words. “You are a girl…not Peter pan.” Even though I wore my forest greens and pixie cap – I could never really fly away to Neverland, and then came highschool and then the rest of life. To this day I wish I could fly to Neverland and live in my childhood memories for a little while.

But since I cannot, I have these little reminders, these collars and they’re gorgeous.

Enough said.

Cute as a Button

Captains jacket

Second: I would like to own a coat like this. Left: absolutely adorable. Right: Gorgeous Violet and I’s ‘Captains Jacket” .

Third: Zooey Deschanel – have been told I bear resemblance to her, I’m rather flattered.

Forthly: Marion Colittard – This photo is stunning. I love the grain! It’s absolutely wonderful.

Fifth: Alexa Chung

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