I, the op-shop-aholic

As a op-shop-aholic, lately I’ve been doing something completely outrageous. I have been, as a means of conserving money, subtly avoiding those precious little stores which i have come to love and know so well over the past few years. Not out of hate or boredom, but out of a budgeting frenzy.

I have realized that as a student, I cannot always indulge all my little fancies. Instead, my hard-earned moolah now credits Ted’s camera house and fills my bag to the brim with 400 speed film canisters.

I’ll miss  you dear clothes and knick-knacks…I hope to see you again soon!

But in their stead, I have been checking out a lovely little online store called ‘YO VINTAGE!’

triangle tessellation trousers

1950s white bow dress
Gunne Sax cropped jacket

crushed velvet 1950s turquoise dress

I am a person who loves books.

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