A few days passed and MORE inspiration from random places! Its amazing what happens when you just DO things, just get out there and DO them! I feel as though I’ve achieved much this week, with a successful photography roadtrip on monday…

Proof that I used a Tripod!
The Anglican church in Braidwood-with gargoyles!
We love doors!

Work on tuesday (YAY MOOLAH), followed by more photography on wednesday, the purchase of a new camera, the recieval of a mysterious package from my esteemed friend and confidant Miss C. Obscura wherein contained a super 8 camera! (and 2 teabags)

The Interior of a church in Ainslie that used to be a train station.

And on wednesday night- the newly lighted teapot debut..

Lit at last!

Thursday was 4 hours of neglected german homework (fun!) followed by a luncheon with art friends (yes, art friends-beat that!) and a successful op-shop hour in the afternoon.

And thursday evening has brought me this little discovery..

Freshly Ground is a South African “Afro-fusion” band from Cape Town. Very cool. I dig their simple lyrics and their funky style. And the lead singer just makes me smile ALL THE TIME!

In closing – Go and DO something! Run away for a day and meet a stranger, drive to from somewhere to nowhere without a map, get lost, and enjoy every minute of it! (and take a thermos of tea – it helps 😀 )

I am a person who loves books.

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