Wallpapered dreams my friends.

Lately I have been reading a book, which I must confess, I only picked up because of the cover. Yes, its hard to admit that I finally fell for the marketing tricks of the books publishers, the ones which I thought myself to be totally immune to. But in this case, I’m ever so glad to have fallen victim.

The book is entitled “Flock”

And looks at life, love, loss, and wallpaper. It also gets you ridiculously into wallpaper and the accompanying world of idioms when you hear things like ‘damask’ and ‘flock’. (look it up)

Dig the trees like there’s no yesterday 😀 big tick from me!

These little beauties are portraits done with wallpaper backing – SO interesting! The colours are amazing and add so much tone to the picture.


And just a sample of a few interesting wall designs.

These are oil paintings done by Carlo Galfione – 1961 who looked at wallpaper patterns and sumperimposed them (in a sense) on the faces of the people in his paintings. I really like how different and obscure it becomes.



I am a person who loves books.

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