I Adore Tea, Pumpkin Soup & Cardigans

Oh the joys of being sick, how I have come to appreciate you over the last few days. As fluey as I may be, I have come to appreciate the small things in life, such as pumpkin soup – what a life saver. I think it may just be the best food in the world. I’m biased from my upbringing as my Mother and I share a strange obsession with the meal – she finds infinite pleasure in concocting it and I in devouring it, thus it seems we are in a perfect situation. And so pumpkin soup saved my saturday.

Sunday morning I awoke to the pitter pattering of rain outside my window. Immediately my plans for the day were canned and I felt no guilt or compulsion to compensate for the loss of those plans. Instead I set about doing something completely un-becky like. I began to clean…

Firstly I began to fold all my old clothes and put dishes out to be washed and realised just how much more bearable that made my room, I no longer dread the sight of my desk or tossled bed. I changed the sheets and spread a new cover on the bed (one which matches the season (autumn)) . And then came the most pleasent idea. I decided to refold and organise my cardigans. Up until now I have never been able to recognise that I have a fascination with this particular item of clothing, but now, after sorting through the numerous styles I have realised my position. That of cardigan enthusiast and now advocate.

Here are my reasons for donning this ever wearable garment.

1) It is a sends out pleasant vibes. I’ve never met someone in a cardi who is horrible

2) It keeps you warm, but not too warm.

3) It is an ever versatile and layerable piece

4) It is comfortable

5) It can be fun

6) Always appropriate

7) You can MAKE them

8) They are the WOOLY

9) They remind you of Grandmas and Tea

10) They NEVER go out of fashion

11) They ALWAYS bring a smile to your face


Why wouldn’t you go NUTS for them?!

Apart from this I also had the pleasure, nay, the privelage of dining out with my ever so affable boyfriend, Mr luke. Dashing in his maroon velvet hat, he came to pick me up and took me to tea. What a gentleman! I find him to be extremely kind to the sickly, such as me. And so to ADORE TEA we went!

For those so unfortunate to have not experienced the pleasure of this humble little tea house, I am very sad for it is without doubt the most pleasant place I have been to in a long time. It can be found in the little federation village in the North of Canberra just off the highway, and what a fantastic little place to drink tea. They have numerous varieties and are informed on the correct brewing time for all of the different types so that you get just the right brew for your tea. Not too weak and not too bitter.

Yes, I am a fan girl. What of it?




I am a person who loves books.

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