The Darkroom

This week has been a mixed bag of incredible lows and hilarious highs and finally, tonight i have had the time and space to clear my head and now write about it.

This week included the following:

– A hideous german test (study occurred too little too late)

– The anxious return of a  horridly written german essay. (so…yeah…no points for trying?)

– An inciteful look at Ephemeral Art ( I created a burning log)


– Collages

– A debate on the nature and purpose of photography whilst sitting on the floor of an Art school. (pretty tops)

– A shocker of a day in the darkroom

– Exposed photo-paper

– Volleyball (my sanity, my light in a world of darkness – seriously)

– My boyfriends 25th birthday!(may he age gracefully)

– The arrival of his accordian (no joke, its brilliant!)

– And lastly, the passing of my driving test!! (little late-BUT I PASSED!)

It has been quite a week. I have not always been proud of how I have handled it, I have broken down and cried or come horrendously close to snapping my load at someone. Life isn’t as easy sometimes as I wish it would be. There are some difficult decisions which have to be make and scary realities that have to be faced in order to get on with life. I have had things weighing heavily on me somedays and others I have no cares in the world. I now realise just how much work is involved in doing two degrees. Though one is extremely fun, it is also a lot of hardwork. And learning a language via osmosis doesn’t work either, not unless I’m willing to put in the hard work- good lesson, one which I wish I had come to realise sooner.

However, in all of these sacrifices I believe will come some greater achievement. In the end when I finish, I know that I’ll be confident in my skills and that the knowledge that I will have attained is a product of my good work ethic and thirst to be constantly developing. I also know that I cannot be too hard on my self, I know that after only 5 weeks in the dark room, I can’t be expected to know, let alone practise the techniques that others have been employing for months on end.

I shall overcome these anxieties, I’m sure of it. I don’t want to rest until I’ve gotten to be the best that I can be. If that means staying back until 10- so be it. If that means sacrificing my blogging time (not that I blog that much), so be it. But one thing i will NOT sacrifice, is my tea and cardigans. My determination stops there.

on that note.

Cardigan! My recent purchase is this one, in Blue. 🙂

And this gypsy vest is stunning!

I am a person who loves books.

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