Art School Kid

Art school kid.
Art school is an interesting place and somewhere that I never imagined I’d end up. I currently study photography as one half of my busy double degree life and with the other, I attempt, with varying degrees of success, to stumble through my german language major. These strange worlds have been thrust together and have collectively, along with a few other minor engagements, begun to dictate my life. Perhaps dictate is too harsh a word…I don’t believe that they restrict me, but they are a heavily consuming interest. And quite the opposite, they release me into a world of uncountable possibilities that I’d never thought to seek out. Had I followed my highschool teachers prediction of becoming a lawyer, or getting myself involved in politics, I wonder what life I would have now. In the days of square schoolyard politics I believed myself to be completely devoid of any artistic streak and focussed my energies on campaigning against teachers to allow students free speech periods and picketed the copying machine until they implemented double-sided printing on handouts. I was infamous for speaking out against the injustice in quad handball and remaining adamently feminist as the only girl in philosophy and ethics. And so how did I become this laidback, german-speaking film toggler? (hipster as my sister so affectionately calls me)

Honestly(and in blogs, honesty is what its all about), I don’t know.

But 16 is a long 4 years away from 20. And so during those 4 years, I’ve relaxed, travelled, had boyfriends, been single, dabbled in craftiness and things most strange and come out on this side of 4 years later, as me. And that me, is the one that goes to art school.

I’m waiting to see how I will come out on the side of the next 4 years, after art school

I am a person who loves books.

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